Tour Extensions

Imagine, experiencing history in the city Alexander the Great built and Cleopatra made famous.

Imagine, watching sunrise on the mountain where God gave us the ten commandments.

Imagine, walking in the footsteps of Moses, virtually reliving the Bible’s book of Exodus.

Imagine, walking through the city carved from stone thousands of years ago.

You can do all this with our tour extensions. From the Nile’s Delta to the windswept mountains of the Sinai, from the “Rose Red City” Petra, to looking on the promised land. Travelers will find these programs educational and entertaining. All can be added to any of our tour programs.

All tour extensions are guaranteed to operate.

Abu Simbel

Sunrise Camel Ride at the Pyramids

Alexandria 3 days/2 nights (pre or post tour)

Desert Adventure 3 days/ 2 nights (pre or post tour)

Siwa Oasis and Alexandria 6 days/ 5 nights (pre or post tour)

Petra 3 days/ 2 nights (pre or post tour)

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Siwa Oasis
Mt. Sinai sunrise
Wadi Feiran
St. Catherine's Monastery
Petra Treasury

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